Partner Testimonials

Learn what our Partners have to say on Vembu StoreGrid online/remote backup software

Most of the statements below were made by our community of 3,500+ Service Providers providing Managed Online Backup Services to their customers.

"At OpenMinds, SyncBlaze has allowed us to provide our clients access and control of their important data 24/7 ,offering advanced sharing, syncing and collaboration features, for control of their data and teams. SyncBlaze gives our clients total mobility with access to their data through multiple platforms PC, Web, iPad, android etc. SyncBlaze's integration with Social Media keeps our clients markets in touch and in the know, basically data and workflow control couldn’t be simpler than with SyncBlaze."

Gary Elliott,
Managing Director at OpenMinds

"We have used StoreGrid for over 6 years and were excited to hear we could further expand our relationship with Vembu by using their SyncBlaze product. SyncBlaze as an on-premise solution for customers worried about their data being stored outside of their control answers a lot of our customer concerns in one go."

Roland Scott,
SCDC Ltd - Trading as

"StoreGrid is on the forefront of coming up with innovative features for the Managed Service Providers and we are excited to take advantage of some of the latest features going to be made available in StoreGrid v 4.4."

Doug Ford, Director of Network Operations,
All Covered - IT Services from Konica Minolta

"Vembu StoreGrid v 4.4 and Vembu SyncBlaze meet those challenging requirements. With characteristics such as VMware backup through VADP API, Advanced Disk Imaging and Bare Metal Restore – along with the file sharing capabilities of SyncBlaze – Vembu is poised for fast customer growth."

Christine Taylor,
Analyst, Taneja group

"Vembu's Storegrid has proven to be the best mid-size and enterprise-level online backup product we could find. Our customer base is very satisfied with the service they're receiving from us."

Tim Carr,
Buchanan Associates

"Vembu technical support is second to none. They jump right on any question or issue and follow it through throughtly until the customer is satisfied. Way to go!"

Kevin Watkins,
Business Solutions by Watkins

"I have to say that StoreGrid and the Vembu team have renewed our faith in overseas software houses. The product is great with fast support when needed, it's in constant development to add new features and improve the core code, and povides a great opportunity for us to add real value to our clients. So, thanks very much Vembu!"

Dan Haycocks,
Eyre Solutions Ltd

"I have tried other products and Store Grid is hands down, the best! I used to use another product and ALWAYS had problems, both with the server and with clients and my customers were always calling with problems. Now that we have made the move to StoreGrid, I don't worry at all if a backup ran. And with this confidence we are now setting up at the largest trade show in the Midwest in 2 weeks to promote the business"

Steve DeFalco,

"I compared a lot of online backup products before testing Storegrid's soltion. We were so impressed by the ease of installation, the cost and the support we received from Vembu that we didn't even bother testing the other products we had lined up. We are still very impressed by the product and by the support and we hope this won't get worse as Vembu gets bigger."

Mohamed Hussein,

"We have tried Brightstor Arcserve (CA) backup for laptops and desktops a couple years ago and just did not fit the model, and was too unreliable to use. Storegrid is a breath of fresh air, really."

Sam Hankins,
Business Online Ltd

"Kent IT values its relationship with StoreGrid and particularly Vembu's high level of support and excellent technical team.
The product functions excellently and the constant flow of new features is comforting, knowing that the product is under constant development.
We intend to push the sale of online backup solutions out to all our customers over the coming year."

Robert Williams,

"I have been running StoreGrid for about 6 months now and its been working without a hitch. StoreGrid is a product I would definately recommend to anyone looking for an online backup solution. The times I needed support, the reply email was at my PC within a couple of hours. Brilliant product and brilliant support!"

Johan Venter,
JV IT Solutions

"A roles based login to my main backup server would be great, to allow a customer to login and see a consolidated summary of their machines and jobs. The second year pricing could come down a bit maybe. Otherwise, I love SG. Your team is very good. No other channel partner has provided such thorough interaction and access to your business development team. Your update schedule is brisk and the product is very solid. I couldn't grow my business without SG."

Timothy McGuire,
The Backup Plan, Inc.

"Not only was I new to Vembu, I was new to this type of backup solution in general! I had so many questions when we first started! I found most of my answers in the "Help", but any questions I needed to send off... were answered very quickly and thoroughly!
Extremely satisfied."

Bob Comeau,
Atlantic Equity Group Inc

"Stor-Grid offers us a friendly environment to the user, good prices and an excellent support. We are also pleased with the launchings of new versions that are easy to install !!"

Ronald De la Cruz,

"Great product and great service; in fact, I love it. Both Pro/SP editions. I use this product for my family, I recommend it to my friends. The techs seem knowledgable, and even passionate about this product. It's a real find"

Andrew Stuart,

"I really like your product and your customer support especially the additional information provided to help support the solution."

Jason Blevins,
EcoVault Data Solutions

"The product is a great way to get into the offsite storage market and see if it is something that you want to offer or manage for your customers Thereafter, it has the potential to grow with you."

Sheldon Penner,
Amicus Data, LLC

"To date I have been very happy with your product. It's ease of use and reliability let me sleep well at night."

Bill Higgins,

"We are a small ISP and just started offering remote backup services so please use that with my answers. However, I do plan to grow that piece of the business. So far, I am fairly happy with the product and very happy with support. As my business grows, I may require more direct/timely access to support. The documentation is pretty good but I'd love to see some online training on the product. Studies have shown that you retain more from doing than reading...:)"

Troy Holwerda,
Custom Internet Corporation

"Awesome product. Converted from another backup system that was a disastor."

Aaron Lundell,
Dalkim Computer Technologies Inc

"We love the product. We are new to the market but have had 100% success in integrating and using the product. We love it, our customers love it. It is a fantastic product."

David Isaacson,
Technology Management International, Inc

"Storegrid is a very stable and reliable backup sollution. It makes my job more easy, when I am monitoring my cutomers' daily backup."

Jens Johnsen,

"Your IM support is great! I have been helped a number of times through IM and the service is great."

Joseph Lamb,
QSource Networks

"StoreGrid is a fantastic piece of software. It's cheap, easy to use, reliable and it just works."

James Batt,

"It's priced well. Other solutions are prohibitively expensive."

Dennis Walker,

"I really enjoy StoreGrid! It is easy to setup and monitor. I am looking forward to implementing it on many more of my customers networks"

Trevor Matkowski,
InfoTech Solution Providers Inc

"I'm really impressed by how flexible StoreGrid can be, and how reliably it works without day-to-day tweaking."

Ryan Schiewe,
MagnetX Media Group, LLC

"My experience with StorGrid has been good. Haven't had any problems at all."

Rob Stone,

"Storegrid is a great product with tons of options and and easy to use web interface."

Chris Vasilescu,

"For as small of a MSP as I am, I am constantly impressed with Vembu's technical support and response time!"

Keith Boden

"It is the most pratical and cost effective market that I found."

Yan Kit Chan,
Ceniom, Inc.

"Storgrid is a good reliable product."

Andre Dowding,
Net Intellect Pty Ltd

"Overall I have found the Storegrid product to be very friendly to use. I have recently upgraded to the new release which was unbelievably easy...Thanks!"

Brian Wright,
Campbell Lee Internet Solutions Ltd

"We and our customers are very pleased with StoreGrid, keep up the good work!"

Petter Sehlin,
Digital Information AB

"Vembu! Nice tool, easy to use. Safe backup"

Jonny Andersson,
Bredband i Kristianstad AB

"We like the service and we are promoting it to customers. As the current techology needs replacement many customers will migrate to this."

Frank Jaeschke,
Dar-Tech LLC

"Great product and technical support!"

Randy Holdeman,
First Step Media

"Let me thank you for your excellent customer support over the past few weeks. Your team has made this transition easy, and as a result, we are switching all our clientele from E-Vault to Vembu StoreGrid."

Mark Greening, President,
Lexcourt Technologies Inc.

" After spending weeks testing the other known backup software for online service providers we chose Vembu StorGrid for 3 Reasons.

  1. The product was reasonable to configure with excellent options for SQL, Exchange and Local Backups with Offsite Replication.
  2. The support proved to be readily available for all my questions technical or otherwise.
  3. Profitability; It performed as well or better than some of the more expensive software available to service providers.

Follow the instructions and it works! "

Dan Stratton,
Innovation Networks Inc.,
Vancouver BC, Canada

" StoreGrid is simply the best backup solution we have ever come across. Astonishing flexibility and a powerful backup engine, combined with ease of use and excellent support, makes StoreGrid the No. 1 remote backup software on the market. We are committed to bring our customers the best within managed services, StoreGrid is an important part of that commitment "

Petter Sehlin,
President, Digital Information AB

" Folks, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the StoreGrid support folks for all that they do. They went out of their way, stayed up late in the evening to solve my issue. And let me say, the issue was not StoreGrid but totally my doing.
Where else in the world would you find this much support for a product that is FREE! Vembu StoreGrid is an excellent product and anybody can make that. BUT the customer service is excellent and that can never be imitated.
Now excuse me - I have to go buy a license "

Kay Vee

" StoreGrid is absolutely great! It installs cleanly - and uninstalls cleanly too - it's good to know! The documentation is clear and it simply works well. I'm on the free license so far, but who knows! Backup should be something that concerns every PC user "

Richard Hopper

" It makes me feel good to get such a great response and lets me know we have chosen the right company to go with for our remote locations backup. We have been testing with XP but when we go live with your program it will be on a W2K machine. "

David Holden,
Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc.

" We purchased 50 licenses along with the Open File Agent about a month ago so we could re-sell remote backup services to our clients. We have encountered some minor issues along the way, but the support is excellent. So far we have about 5 remote installs backing up to our main server and it is working absolutely flawlessly. We are very happy with it "

Dewey Straughn,
Superior I.T Solutions

" Well to make a long story short, after messing up the SG installation because I did not follow the instructions too well I was in deep deep trouble when we needed to restore a backup to a just crashed computer, but the Vembu team was there to help me! They really went the extra mile to help me save the day!! honestly there might be some other backup solutions, but none like SG! Period!! and much less possible with this support level! "

Antonio Davila,
Grupo Databolt

" I find the interface is easy to use and the software quite reliable. It's quite easy to restore a single file or a directory and gives me great peace of mind knowing our client's data is protected as they rely on us to recommend and provide their solutions. "

Nathan Zych,
Outsource IT

" StoreGrid has been a great solution to our desktop backup needs. Our current tape backup system (for our Windows machines) is near its maximum capacity and adding the Mac desktops to the tape backup was out of the question. After checking on the Mac clients’ free hard drive space we found we had a terabyte of unused storage! Installing the software is easy, and configuring the backup jobs even easier. Now each Mac is backed up to a peer Mac. The system is fully automatic after initial configuration. The versioning feature of StoreGrid is an added bonus—frequently a graphic designer will need an older version of a file, and being able to restore an older version of a file is quite a benefit. After using the professional edition, I installed the free edition at home to backup data between my home theater PC and two other desktops. The setup is even easier on the PC than on the Mac. It’s proving to be an indispensable tool in the fight against data loss "

Kurt Higgins,
Network Administrator at Redspring Communications,
New York

" Thanks to Vembu my stuff is now at least somewhere with my laptop lost - I started trying the free edition some weeks ago and it actually saved me (yay!) "


" Two aspects of traditional data protection seem to prevent consumers and small businesses from acting on protecting valuable computer data. First they hate to spend money for what amounts to insurance and second they abhor the discipline of consistent and repeated backup actions. StoreGrid’s Free Edition overcomes the first barrier, and once the initial set up is done, it functions automatically behind the scenes overcoming the second barrier. Vembu StoreGrid’s peer-to-peer technology is well positioned for this under-served market. "

Robert Gray,
Research VP, Storage Systems,
IDC Framingham, MA

" I have done my homework and completed my trial period of several backup providers, systems, and software. The results are in and I have concluded that you are the best solution to partner with and that you are my choice. "

Jeff Taylor of J-Taylor Systems