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Restore System State/Active Directory

uses the Windows NT backup utility to backup System State and Active Directories. So restoring System State/Active Directory is a two step process,
1. You should restore the NT backup generated bkf file first and
2. input the bkf file to the NT backup utility to restore the system state/active directory.

Step 1: Restore the system state bkf file from the server to the machine in which the system state has to be restored.

Follow the steps described in the "Restore Data" section to restore a version of the bkf file.

Step 2: Restoring System State/Active Directory from the bkf file using the NTBackup utility

Before you restore the system state using the NTBackup utility, if active directory is part of the system state, then you need to reboot the machine and select the advanced startup option (F8) "Directory Services Restore mode" before restoring the system state on this computer.

  1. Let us say the system state bkf file is restored to the location C:\SSAD\ directory.

  2. Open the NTBackup utility from the Windows "Startup->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Backup" menu.

  3. In the NTBackup UI, open the Restore Wizard from the "Tools->Restore Wizard" menu item.

  4. In the "Restore Wizard", click on the "Import File" button and choose the system state bkf file from C:\SSAD\ directory (from step 1).

  5. Once the bkf file is imported the left side tree will show a System State entry. Select the System State entry in that tree.

  6. Now the registry and system files will be restored in this machine.

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