Managed Backup for VPS with cPanel, Plesk and OpenVZ

with Vembu StoreGrid

As web hosting businesses expand, the managed hosting environment gets more complex. Since there is no concept of a one-size-fits-all solution in the Managed Hosting arena, any solution that ultimately delivers the required flexibility, support, and performance that your business-critical applications need, will win the day.

StoreGrid ‘s Backup and Disaster Recovery solution for Hosting Provider’s addresses the complex data protection and disaster recovery requirements of dedicated, shared and managed hosting providers with seamless integrations with popular control panels (cPanel, Plesk, UberSmith) and providing high performance backup of domains and accounts with minimal system overhead which makes it the ideal solution for managed hosting environments.

StoreGrid allows Admins and End Users to backup the websites (domain) and its components on a shared web hosting managed by cPanel and Plesk control panel. StoreGrid provides a complete backup of the entire Home Directory, Account Settings, MySQL databases and offers a granular restore of the cPanel and Plesk accounts.

Key Benefits

  • StoreGrid offers end users to backup and restore their website data from their cPanel console itself
  • In cPanel, Install/Uninstall backup and restore plugin into control panel from StoreGrid client UI itself.
  • The hosting provider can completely brand the product to make the product resemble his own product
  • Backup/Restrict specific domains or users and also do a granular file level restore of domains
  • Backup and Restore all or specific components like MySQL, Home Directory and Account Settings.

Backup and Recovery

StoreGrid can backup the entire cPanel Server or specific accounts within the cPanel Server. Within an account, Home Directory, Account Settings and MySQL Databases can be individually selected for backup. Reseller can configure backups for the accounts managed by them. StoreGrid also integrates with cPanel Management Console for domain (account) users to launch their own backup and restore jobs. cPanel Server data that is restored (from the backup server) can be directly applied into the cPanel Server. The data can also be restored as a two-step process where the data can be restored to an offline location and can then later be applied into the cPanel Server.

Plesk Backup and Recovery

StoreGrid integrates with the popular Linux Control Panel to provide a granular domain backup and recovery with a very simple installation of the client agent in the cPanel servers. StoreGrid solution for Plesk control panel provides single touch recovery of all the accounts or a granular domain level recovery of accounts in case of server crash or loss of the accounts caused by an unfortunate disaster. It also integrates with the WHM to backup and restore website data from the control panel itself.

"Vembu StoreGrid backup solutions have provided ORI.NET with a great stream of recurring revenue, while simplifying the management of our customer backup routines. Our customers love it, and it truly is a WIN – WIN for everyone. Customers save money, ORI.NET generates revenue, and most importantly the service works great" On Ramp Indiana





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