StoreGrid Backups to

Clustered Storage and Cloud with CAStor

Simplified clustered storage for your backup data with StoreGrid and CAStor Content Storage Software and CAStor CFS

Vembu StoreGrid supports deploying your StoreGrid backup data on your own Cloud or clustered storage using CAStor. StoreGrid Service Provider Edition now works with CAStor to deliver an easy-to-use, affordable and comprehensive backup solution ideally suited for MSPs, VARs, hosting providers, SMBs and ROBOs. The StoreGrid CAStor combined solution enables our partners to benefit from StoreGrid's comprehensive set of backup features on top of CAStor's clustered storage and Cloud solution.

  • Cost Effective Online Backups to your own Cloud!

    Leverage StoreGrid's pay-as-you-go model for licensing and start with the right size CAStor backup data storage cluster to set up your own Cloud cost-effectively. Grow capacity with StoreGrid's flexible licensing and add up to Petabyes of CAStor clustered storage as your business demands by adding new disks or server nodes (any x86 based architecture). CAStor allows you to seamlessly upgrade server hardware without impacting operations or access to data.

  • Feature-packed StoreGrid Backup Solution

    StoreGrid Service Provider Edition provides a secure and highly redundant backup solution for your customers. StoreGrid supports backup of Windows PC, Mac OS X, Windows Server, Linux Server, FreeBSD Server, MS Exchange Server, MS SQL Server, MySQL and more.

  • Minimal Administrative Overheads and Operational Efficiency

    Manage, monitor and control your StoreGrid backups as well as the entire storage data cluster from any node through a simple browser interface. StoreGrid provides efficient backup performance and includes comprehensive events and alarms management features for monitoring backups. The CAStor storage cluster is a self-configuring, self-managing, self-healing backup data storage solution.

  • Fig 1. Indicative Deployment of StoreGrid and CAStor for Service Provider Hosted Online Backup Services

    StoreGrid CAStor Deployment

For more information about deploying StoreGrid on your own storage Cloud using CAStor, please write to us at . For pricing and more information on CAStor and CAStor CFS, please visit the Caringo website.