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Multiple backups of the same MSSQL database

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Multiple backups of the same MSSQL database

Postby gillonba » Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:05 pm

We recently received a revised backup policy that involves keeping full nightly backups of our MS SQL databases for two weeks AND full monthly backups for three months. We are only making full backups because we also want to be able to take backups through the SQL agent or other backup software, which would break differential backups. We don't want to keep nightly backups for three full months because we don't need that many and do not want to use the extra space.

Nightly for 2 weeks and monthly for 3 months is a workable compromise. Unfortunately, it appears that StoreGrid will not let me include the same database in more than one backup job, since when I went to create a second job I am unable to select any of my databases.

Am I misunderstanding what is going on? Is there a workaround that will let me back up our databases in two separate jobs? I realize I can still use the agent to make backups and then use a flat file backup job, but that's a pretty ridiculous kludge of a workaround. Thanks in advance
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Re: Multiple backups of the same MSSQL database

Postby Rumple » Thu Mar 08, 2012 3:35 am

I don't work for Vembu, but here are my thoughts.

f you are running full backups with Vembu, you may have have already broken differential jobs used by other products since differenials are based on last running a nightly vembu Full immediately followed a few hours by another products differentials doesn't work well (since you then need to do 2 restores from 2 different products just to complete a restore, if it even works at all since the backup Chain would be broken each time the Vembu full ran).

A copy only backup would allow you to backup offsite with Vembu and then use a locallized onsite solution for the full and differentials (which are really just transaction log backups/truncation).

However what you are trying to do probably isn't possible with Vembu because it does not have duplicate backup option you'd normally see in something like TSM, Microsoft DPM,etc.

In those products, the backups happen nightly, but then after a daily backup runs on last day of month, that backup job is mirrored to a tape or another longer retention media and the original backup is overwritten 15 days later.

Vembu uses a time backed backup or a version based backup and doesn't provide you different rention based on the day of the month the backup ran (ie, keep every day for 14 days and the last day of each month for 3 months).

Vembu also prevents you from running multiple backups against the same data source because you are not supposed to run multiple backups against the same transactional data source due to issues with chaining and truncating of logs,etc (although being able to do a copy only backup would be nice)

Long story short, Vembu can't do multiple retention policies in same backup job, and it protects you from yourself by preventing you from running multiple jobs against the same data source (even Microsoft DPM won't allow you to protect the same SQL or Exchange server with multiple jobs)
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Re: Multiple backups of the same MSSQL database

Postby vidhya » Thu Mar 08, 2012 6:14 am

Hi gillonba,

StoreGrid does not support copy only full backup of SQL Server. Therefore, you will not be able to run differentials using other software while running full backups through StoreGrid.

The restriction on not able to select the DBs for backups that have already been selected in another backup job is just an UI restriction and we can give you a minor patch to remove that lock. With that patch, you could do the following

1. Create a backup job of daily full backups and set the retention of full backups (Maximum Number Of Full Backups settings under Advanced Options) to 14. This will keep past 2 weeks of full backups.

2. Create another backup job of monthly full backups and set the Maximum Number Of Full Backups settings to 4. This will let you go back to 3 earlier month's full backups.

If you think this will work, please contact our support team and they give you the patch to remove the UI restriction.

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Re: Multiple backups of the same MSSQL database

Postby gillonba » Fri Apr 13, 2012 1:36 pm

I think that might work for us
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